Problems copying from/to PC formatted floppy disks

Problems copying from/to PC formatted floppy disks


Three unusual (but likely related) problems involving copying files to or from a PC-formatted floppy disk in Mac OS 8.1:

Robert Jung writes: "If I try to put a file on a PC disk, I get a dialog that says "This file cannot be copied because there is already another file with that name on the disk." I get this problem even when there is nothing on the floppy. It seems to occur only with Windows 95's extended-length filenames."

Shiro Wilde writes: "When I try to copy the files from the PC floppy to the Mac hard disk, only 60-90% of them copy. The rest generate a 'file XXX can't be found' error. Opening these 'missing' files also generates the same problem. Application Open dialogs do not show the 'missing' files at all. The files that do copy retain correct long file names as expected."

Bob Rodenburg writes: "When I try to copy a .bin file from a PC-formatted floppy to the Desktop under 8.1 with the floppy unlocked, the file appears to be moved from the floppy to the Desktop (not copied). The file is not readable. If the floppy is ejected, the file on the desktop disappears. If the floppy is reinserted, the original file is missing from both the floppy and the desktop."

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