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Prince Harry wants to be a NASA astronaut?

A report suggests that Prince Harry, he of the red hair and the British royal family, wishes to be the first prince in space.

Why shouldn't princes be sent off to space? Why shouldn't they be in the vanguard of knowledge and science, just as they are in the vanguard of OK magazine and Us Weekly?

You'll leap to attention and salute when I tell you that a report has emerged that Prince Harry, he of the red hair and British Royal Family, would like to be a NASA astronaut.

You might turn skeptical when I tell you that this report is from the Sun. Just as you do, I'll remind you that the Sun is owned by News International, whose phone-hacking skills bring to it unimpeachable information.

Might the dashing prince once day be weightless in space? CC Walking With The Wounded/Flickr

Indeed, it is said that Prince Harry's brother, the recently married William, actually confronted News International about its alleged hacking of his aides' cell phones.

So please pay renewed attention when I tell you that Prince Harry is reportedly a huge Trekkie and is "obsessed with space."

He is currently with the British Army Air Corps in Afghanistan.

The Sun, though, quotes a royal source as whispering through still lips: "Harry has already completed his studies of Land and Sea Surveillance and Oceanology--part of Astro training--and can't wait to get into one of NASA's T38 training jets."

Could there be anything more exciting and uplifting than a royal taking his talents into outer space? One small step for a prince? Why on earth not?