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Post-Week-End Updates

Post-Week-End Updates

Epson TWAIN update Last month, we posted an item about a problem with the TWAIN Acquire function in Photoshop when running Mac OS 8, specifically with an Epson scanner. Adobe predicted that Epson would come out with a new driver that would fix this. Epson has now posted this version 2.61A TWAIN driver update. (Thanks, Bill Ling.)

RealPC Insignia's answer to Connectix' Virtual PC is RealPC. According to a MacWEEK article, it has been released.

MAXpowr PRO 250 Several web sites are reporting that MacCPU is about to ship Newer Technology's MAXpowr PRO 250 MHz PowerPC 750 daughtercard. This is currently the only shipping product for the daughtercard; it had been planned for Motorola and Power Computing clones, but these models were dropped when the licensing agreement fell apart. I hope to test one of these cards on my 7500 and will report back eventually.