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Poll: Do you ever lose your earbuds' eartips?

A lot of in-ear headphones come with a selection of tips, but only one set will optimally fit your ears. What do you do when you lose them?

I love the noise-blocking isolation a good set of in-ear headphones provides, but the trick lies in getting the best possible seal. Sure, most headphones come with a selection of three or more silicone, foam, or Comply eartips. I recommend trying on as many tips as you can, and see which set provides the best possible fit. Once you have achieved that, you'll have the maximum isolation from environmental noise, optimum bass response, and the right tip will likely provide the most secure fit, making the earpieces less likely to accidentally fall out. The problem I'm talking about today is when one or both tips fall off the headphones' earpieces, and you lose them.

Steve Guttenberg

One of the perks of my job as an audio reviewer (don't be jealous) is that I've amassed a large selection of spare tips. So when I lose 'em, I just dip into my bag of spares and pop on new ones. I've noticed of late that I keep losing tips, and I wonder if there's an expanding population of headphone owners constantly buying replacement tips. They fall off the headphones when they're hanging around my neck, or in my bag.

Silicone tips can last for years, but the foam and Comply tips wear out over time, so even if you don't lose them, you need to buy new ones. Do you stick with the original manufacturer's tips? If you have found better aftermarket replacement tips, tell us about them in the Comments section.