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Play that funky music, Yahoo

Yahoo got its music juices flowing Monday, , a Web site that allows people to publish music playlists online.


It's a small deal (presumably--Yahoo didn't release financial details), but it sparked interest among bloggers, who saw it as another sign of the importance of social software.

Yahoo's already jumped into that pond with its acquisition of photo-sharing site Flickr.

Blog community response:

"Ad/marketing implications? Any time users are telling you what they're interested in, there are opportunities to be found."
--ClickZ Network

"Kudos to Yahoo! for recognizing once again the importance of the remix culture."
--O'Reilly Radar

"What's interesting to us is that a lot of people who have MP3 players--essentially we're talking about the iPod--don't use playlists as a means of organising their music, rather than as a means of sharing your tastes, or understand them."
--Bleeding edge