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Piracy destroying the PC game, producer says

Piracy is "killing PC games," Id Software co-owner Kevin Cloud said at the QuakeCon "Fire Away" panel on Monday, according to interactive entertainment magazine Next Generation.

In response to a question about the shrinking number of retailers that carry PC games, Cloud, who is also the executive producer on "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars," said the number of pirated games was devastating and that piracy was destroying the PC market.

"It's the primary reason retailers are moving to the console," Cloud was quoted as saying. "It's something that's on every PC developer's to reduce (piracy). Because, if you like the PC, you hate to see it fall lower and lower down."

Id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead also spoke up about piracy, saying there may be more games being played illegitimately than legitimately.

"This industry is trying to work on that kind of a problem. And it is a very serious problem. There isn't any magical solution, or else we'd solve it."

QuakeCon is a free convention for gamers held every year in the Dallas area.