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Pioneer ups the ante, says 500GB Blu-ray-like disc possible

A month after talking up a 16-layer, 400GB disc, the company says 20 layers and 500GB is "feasible."

A month after saying it had figured out how to squeeze 400GB of data onto a single optical disc, Pioneer says it can do better than that.

Pioneer 20-layer optical disc

On Tuesday the company said that it is "feasible" to produce a Blu-ray-compatible disc with 20 layers. At 25GB per layer, that amounts to a 500GB disc. The previous claim of 400GB meant just 16 layers were on a single disc.

Blu-ray Discs are currently available in single layer (25GB) and dual-layer (50GB) discs.

The company said that it was able to squeeze more layers in by stacking alternating layers of two different thicknesses.

The disc is still in the research phase, but Pioneer says its goal is to produce an actual product between 2010 and 2012. Of course, whether it will even be possible to make discs with that many layers compatible with a broad array of Blu-ray player models on the market now is unclear. But by its own gaols, it's got a couple years to figure that out.

(Via Engadget)