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Pimp my bike

I pimped my ride long ago. Back in the day, my parents bought me a sound generator that attached to my bicycle handlebars. With a twist, it rumbled like I was revving the engine on an honest-to-goodness motorcycle.

I felt like I was the top dog on the block. Nobody dared rival me on the sidewalk. Rub-on tattoos covering my rippling 8-inch biceps, I was the master of all I surveyed--up to the end of the block and before the street lights came on. I would have been the baddest of all the Hell's Angels if they would have just had a preteen bicycle-riding gang.

Eventually, even the baddest of badasses have to pass the torch. My son is going to be the baddest kid on the block. I'm passing the LED-equivalent of the torch with the SpokePOV LED Bike Wheel kit. This high-tech bicycle kit is the equivalent of ground effects. Not too bad for $37.50.

Of course, if he has something cool, I have to have something cool. too. One of CNET U.K.'sCrave writers reviewed the Dub Pimpstar, which beats ground effects with in-wheel effects. The Dub Pimpstar is an alloy-wheel model with built-in LED lights.

The LEDs fire as the wheel spins, creating the same image--of anything you choose--on all four wheels. Four different images can also be displayed, changing at different intervals. Images are updated from within the vehicle by a laptop running custom software over Wi-Fi. Bring on the jokes about what would happen if cars ran Microsoft Windows.

I haven't decided if I am going to spend the $12,500 for a set of four Dub Pimpstar wheels. If I do, I guarantee I'll be the baddest on the block, even after the street lights come on.