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Photoshop Express now Flickrs

Adobe rolls out Photoshop Express' Flickr support, as well as an embeddable player for distributing your slide shows.

Update: Adobe has informed us that while the new Flickr connection isn't live yet, it will be very soon. We will provide another update when we have confirmed that it is live.

When Adobe launched Photoshop Express at the end of March, it indicated that Flickr support would be next on the agenda, and today the company can cross that item off its to-do list. With the capability to round-trip photos into PSE for editing and back out to its site, Flickr joins Facebook, Photobucket, and Picasa in the ranks of Photoshop Express supporters. Additionally, users of Photoshop Express albums will now be able to create multiple versions of a given image, a much-requested feature, according to Adobe.

Those announcements probably didn't feel Flash-y enough for the company, though, so Adobe simultaneously announced an embeddable player for virally marketing Photoshop Express posting your photos to home pages and blogs in glitzy slide shows. Given the relative simplicity of the application and broad appeal of photo sharing, this capability also sounds like a natural springboard for companies looking to dip their toes into Open Screen Project development--once Adobe releases the relevant API information, of course.