Photos: The Asus EcoBook bamboo laptop

We've seen plastic, leather and even fur, but nothing prepared us for the world's first bamboo laptop

We've just spent the morning fondling an Asus EcoBook -- the first laptop to feature real bamboo panelling. Yes, bamboo -- the stuff that's gobbled up by pandas and used to construct beach houses in the Maldives.

Making a laptop out of wood doesn't sound all that sane a project, but we should probably get accustomed to this sort of thing -- Asus has already delivered the first leather-bound laptops, and Tulip does a range of crazy laptop skins for its Ego range.

The EcoBook, due to launch next year, is designed to communicate Asus' eco-friendly message. Like it or loathe it, you should check out the world exclusive pictures over the next few pages. -RR

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