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Photos: Earth-friendly tech

As the world marks the 35th anniversary of Earth Day, environmentally friendly tech advancements include a vegetable-based DVD.

    Earth-friendly tech

    University of Michigan engineering students work on their solar car, called Momentum, at Motorola's corporate headquarters April 21 in Schaumburg, Ill. In commemoration of Earth Day 2005, Motorola held an exclusive showing of the car, which will compete against 40 others in the 2,450-mile North American Solar Challenge race that starts July 17 in Austin, Texas.

    Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images


    Earth-friendly tech

    Corporate Japan is making strides in sustainable development, slashing its use of lead and other toxic substances, embracing solar energy and making biodegradable plastic out of sugar beets. Pictured is a DVD made of vegetable-based plastic by Victor Company.

    Credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

    Vegetable-based DVD

    Earth-friendly tech

    Reware's Juice Bags integrate solar energy technology. Using the sun, they charge 12-volt electronic devices from mobile phones to iPods, GPS units and PSPs.

    Credit: Reware

    Solar bag

    Earth-friendly tech

    A two-wheel solar-energy motorcar is shown at an exhibition in Hangzhou, China. The car has two sets of batteries--one is used as the power while the other is used to charge through the plank above the motorcar. It takes about two hours to fully charge each battery set.

    Credit: Pan Lianggan/Photocome

    Solar car