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Photobucket stats show Democrats like to search more

Photobucket users like Hillary and Ron Paul.

One of my favorite things to get in my e-mail each week is the data report from News Corp-owned Photobucket. Think of it like the Google Zeitgeist, but for people's searches on the popular photo hosting site. While the report doesn't offer up every statistic, the creators pick a few interesting or pertinent things that make good reading. This week's tidbit? Politics.

The Democratic and the Republican presidential nominees (Edwards now obviously excluded from that list) are represented with several thousand search hits each. So what do the numbers show?

1. Hillary Clinton (25,400)
2. Barack Obama (24,736)
3. John Edwards (1,829)

1. Ron Paul (10,589)
2. Mike Huckabee (2,064)
3. John McCain (1,986)
4. Mitt Romney (1,785)

Clearly the Dems like to search. Despite getting more love from the media, Huckabee, McCain, and Romney combined don't come close in searches to Ron Paul. Take that for what it's worth. However, it could mean that people are trying to figure out what the guy looks like.

I would like to see other popular social sites release weekly or even daily stats. The very nature of site stats are similar to Digg, Delicious, and others, in providing entertainment and a window into the habits of other users.

The rest of the report is posted after the break.

Top Searches Overall
1. Love
2. Funny
3. Emo
4. Happy birthday
5. Sexy
6. Heart
7. Music
8. Friends
9. I love you
10. Heath Ledger

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