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Philips Swarovski crystal earbuds

Philips announces partnership with Swarovski to create headphones with attractive crystals mounted on the exterior of the earpiece.

Photo of Philips SwarovskyiActive Crystal earbuds.
For those who can't afford to say it with diamonds, Philips offers Swarovski crystal earbuds. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Philips has announced plans to release a line of Swarovski crystal earbuds, available just in time for Valentine's Day. Priced at $99, the Philips Active Crystals earbuds feature a stainless steel body, fabric cable, silicon in-ear caps, and single neodymium drivers with a 16 ohm impedance.

The Active Crystal earbuds are part of Philips' larger launch of women-focused products, including crystal-studded USB drives and home electronics that feature a softer, more elegant design aesthetic.