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Paper-clip-to-a-house guy gets Alice Cooper

Well, Kyle McDonald has done it again. He's now traded his red paper clip all the way up to an afternoon with rocker Alice Cooper, and knowing how crazy rock fans can be, I'd say Kyle's closing in rapidly on that house.

If you recall, McDonald is the guy who's trying to convert, trade by trade, a red paper clip into a house. When we last checked in on him he'd traded all the way up to a free year's rent in a Phoenix duplex.

But now, reports Boing Boing, McDonald has traded the apartment for an afternoon with Alice Cooper. And, McDonald explained on his blog, the circumstances of the trade are very noteworthy.

That's because it turned out that the woman living in the other side of the Phoenix building with the year's free rent works for Alice Cooper's restaurant. And so she asked Cooper if he'd be willing to participate in the project, and he said he would.

So now McDonald has several hours of face time with Alice Cooper to offer to some rabid fan--and you have to figure someone out there will trade something amazing, like a guitar of Jimi Hendrix's or something, for that--and this woman in Phoenix suddenly gets her apartment free for a year.

This is getting more and more interesting. Stay tuned to find out what trades happen next.