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Papa's got a brand-new soundbag

There seems to be no end to accessories for MP3 players, doubly so for the iPod. Accessories for listening to your music, like headphones and docking centers with speakers, seem to always be the first out on the market. Following close are cases and protective covers so you can protect your investment in the new player. Portable power followed, because it is a bummer running out of juice.

Advanced MP3 Players merged the concepts of portable sound, protection and portable power onto a single product. The Soundbag with Powerbank for iPod is a flexible, metallic blue protective zipper case. The case has an NXT flat-panel loudspeaker built into the sides. A metal belt clip is attached for easy of carrying or hooking to a backpack.

Credit: Advanced MP3 Players

In the interior of the fabric-lined shell is space for an iPod, video iPod, Mini, Nano, or most any other kind of MP3 player. The case has a line in socket for non-iPods to connect to the speaker.

The case also features a built-in lithium ion iPod battery charger that is recharged by the included FireWire cable. The battery has enough juice to power the speaker for up to seven hours. An AC adapter is included if FireWire charging is not an option for you.

The cost for the Soundbag is 39 pounds, or about $68.22.