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Packard Bell rides with Valentino Rossi

Motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi has leant his name and, er, 'unique' sense of style to a new range of Packard Bell laptops

Packard Bell is revving up a range of laptops inspired by nine-time Moto GP world champion Valentino Rossi. The first of the motorbike ace's laptops is pictured above.

Specs and pricing are yet to be announced, although it looks like it could be based on the Packard Bell dot m range.

The laptop artwork is designed by skid-lid doodler Aldo Drudi, who traditionally designs Rossi's frankly awful-looking helmets. It features Rossi's number, 46. According to Rossi, the sun and moon signify the "two sides of his personality", because apparently he is one half motorbike champion and one half emo teenager.