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Own Robby the Robot

If you do not speak English, I am at your disposal with 187 other languages along with their various dialects and sub-tongues. -- Robbie the Robot, in Forbidden Planet

And for a mere $49,999.95, you too can chat with the special edition, life-size, fully animatronic remote-controlled version of the famous robot from the classic 1956 science fiction film.

Robbie the Robot
Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer
Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet

The 7-foot, 100-pound robot is being sold by luxury goods retailer Hammacher Schlemmer and is created from the same blueprints, molds, and templates used to create the original costume.

Renowned Hollywood artist Fred Barton was commissioned to restore the original robot after its sale to a Southern California prop museum in 1970.

Robbie delivers his famous lines from the movie including his quip about oxygen:

"I rarely use it myself, sir. It promotes rust."

The robot can be programmed to... "rotate his servo-controlled head, spin his planetary gyro stabilizers, and rotate his scanners while his various lights flash."

The sound system can also be connected to a home theater system, and you can project your own voice through Robby's sound system with the included wireless microphone.

Sorry, Robbie the replica is not capable of making 60 gallons of whiskey like he's asked to do in the movie.