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Outgoing iPod head to be part-time Apple consultant

Jon Rubinstein, the former head of Apple Computer's iPod division, will continue to consult for the company for a year, Apple said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Friday.

Apple had announced Rubinstein's plans to retire last year, and named Tony Fadell to replace him. Rubinstein and Apple formally separated on April 14, but they won't completely part ways, as Rubinstein plans to make himself available to Apple for about one day a week until this time next year. He'll receive a nonmaterial flat fee for his services, Apple said.

Rubinstein is leaving the iPod group on a high note, coming off a 61 percent increase in iPod sales during the last quarter. Fadell was head of the iPod engineering team before becoming the leader of the entire group upon Rubinstein's departure last week.