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Origami rumors unfold

Like Slashdot and other blogs and online forums, we, too, are getting tips about a new Microsoft concept gadget codenamed "Origami" that we understand is sort of a "Mini Me" PC.

We're unable to confirm much right now, other than that National Semiconductor several years ago built a prototype device called Origami. But we are unaware as of yet if there's any connection between the two.

A very cryptic Origami site only tells us more information about the product will be unveiled on March 2.

For now anyway, NetworkWorld's Paul McNamara seems to have the best insight (; he cites an industry source who has reportedly seen Origami and calls it an ultraportable lifestyle PC.

An Engadget blog from earlier this month quoted a Microsoft mobile platform division executive calling the device "wearable, always on, no larger than 10 inches, connected through 3G networks, pen-based" and that it would sell for $500 or less.

Other speculation and insight is offered at Design Tastes Good, Thatedeguy and Robert Scoble, among other sites.