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Orchestral maneuvers in the game

Bela Bartok drew on Hungarian folk songs. Aaron Copland famously recrafted a simple Shaker hymn. For contemporary composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, inspiration lies in video games.

Tonight, Tallarico will be a featured performer with the Los Angeles Philharmonic as it presents "Video Games Live" at the Hollywood Bowl. The concert will feature both a full orchestra and a choir, as well as a laser show, video clips and live characters. Games in the lineup include "Halo," "Metal Gear Solid," "Mario" and "Ghost Recon." Tickets range in price from $12 to $92.

If you've played a video game in recent years, there's a good chance you've heard tunes from Tallarico and Wall. Tallarico's notes have made their way into top titles including "Madden Football" and "Mortal Kombat," while Wall's credits include the score for "Myst IV: Revelation."

Can't be in LA tonight? Don't worry. The show goes on and on around the country through August and September, with stops in Atlanta, Cleveland and Phoenix, among other cities.