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Opcode Web site finally taken down

Opcode Web site finally taken down

Michael Mortilla notes the demise of the Opcode Web site, and potential repercussions for the Macintosh music production industry:

"Looks like (now owned by Gibson) has finally discontinued their web site once and for all. No more OMS updates or other support files for those who still use it (Open Music System). The site was up 2 days ago, but now it is impossible to get any response."

In 1998 Gibson acquired Opcode Systems, which was then a developer of MIDI hardware and software, primarily for the Mac. In a statement at the time of its buyout, Opcode said "We have now been provided the resources to pursue development opportunities to the point that it can focus its operations toward specific goals, and is in the process of reorganizing to pursue those efforts. However, these changes may take several months." has some further background information on the Opcode/Gibson relationship.

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