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One-man clone chorus performs 'Star Wars' theme a cappella

An inspiring musical goodie for Star Wars Day: Singer Nick McKaig puts in 300 hours of production time so the fourth may truly be with you.

Clone chorus: Nick McKaig does the "Star Wars" theme. Screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET

It's Star Wars Day, friends. May the fourth be with you.

We're ready too. We woke up early and got centered with our Darth Vader meditation tape. Then we made a cup of coffee, watched the following video, and -- super inspired -- grabbed the house keys and the briefcase, popped in our R2-D2 cufflinks, and made the jump to hyperspace.

The video features Nick McKaig singing the classic John Williams "Star Wars" theme a cappella, accompanied by Nick McKaig, Nick McKaig, and Nick McKaig, ad infinitum (it's a "Clone Wars" chorus of sorts). Our pals at Gizmodo point out that McKaig did an earlier clone-y rendition of "The Simpsons" theme a few months back that was so good, it was featured over the ending credits of the show not long after.

In his YouTube post of the Star Wars performance, McKaig says, "the recording is 100 percent vocals and 100 percent my own voice, including over 90 tracks and more than 300 hours of production time." That's dedication. And it's indeed amazing how the video goes on and on, bringing us all back into contact with the rises and falls of Williams' truly stellar theme.

We'll say it again, then: May the fourth be with you. And may the fourth be with Mr. McKaig as well.