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One freezer pop at a time

The Zoku Single Pop Maker makes one 2-ounce freezer pop at a time. The little treat-maker lets you create your own customized freezer pop in about 7 minutes.

Make your own sweet-to-eat treats. Williams-Sonoma

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of treats that can be found this time of year.

It starts innocently enough with the giving out of Halloween candy, but that is just the start. As we progress through the remainder of the year, we will soon find our houses inundated with goodies associated with upcoming holidays. It's no wonder Halloween candy seems to last well until the new year.

When it is time for a single treat from the freezer (aside from all those individually wrapped pieces of candy that end up there), the Zoku Single Pop Maker provides a fun and easy alternative. For those not familiar with the larger, multipop model, the device is meant to be placed (or kept) in the freezer until it is time to be used. When good and cold, the unit is removed and 2 ounces of liquid are added. The cast-aluminum mold (along with the help of a sealed proprietary solution) freezes the ingredients, allowing users to make up to three pops before the base unit needs refreezing.

The process takes about 7 minutes from the time the liquid (or even yogurt) is added to when the pop is ready. Considering the alternative treats that are sure to be lurking in the freezer, 7 minutes for a totally customized freezer treat is certainly worth the wait.