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Oil Change opens virtual pit stop

CyberMedia is offering to help users tired updating their software by giving their PCs an Oil Change.

CyberMedia is offering to help users tired or confused by the need to constantly update the software on their PCs by giving their computers an Oil Change.

The company's $70 Oil Change software, introduced today and due to ship in September, tracks the current versions of all software on a user's PC. Users can then dial into CyberMedia's remote database of available software updates via the Internet, and the client automatically compares the user's current software to updates in the database and asks the user if it should automatically download and install the them. If a user doesn't have an Internet connection, the Oil Change client can also connect to the central database with a modem through a local number.

Users will be able to customize Oil Change to search for updates at regular intervals or not until asked. A safety feature also makes a precautionary backup of all replaced software in case the user wants to undo an update.