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Off-topic: Manchester City 1 Arsenal 3 - Back at the top of the table...for now


Despite the three goals (two more from Adebayor - the man is second only to Ronaldo in goal tally for the season), today's performance left something to be desired. Namely, hunger in front of goal. Even Adebayor's last goal probably should have first seen a Fabregas shot. The midfield kept laying off the goal, looking for penetrating passes rather than driven shots. We need both, of course, but it's worrisome that today looked like last year's Arsenal: tentative and probing...ever probing.

Clichy had his first big groaner of a mistake today, too, giving Manchester City its lone goal. Clichy is normally fantastic, so I hesitate to single him out, but we really need to gain on Manchester United's goal differential, as the season may come down to that. We won back some ground on ManUnited, but I would have liked to have seen a 4-0 scoreline, which is what going into halftime at 2-0 might have led to.

Regardless, Adebayor and Eduardo were impressive. Eduardo's goal was sheer class. It seems like the minute the ball touches his chest, you know a goal is coming right after.

When will Fabregas fully return to his peak? There were far too many errant passes from him today, and off-and-on mismanagement of the ball from Diaby. Hleb, too, looked a bit sloppy. Only Flamini's dogged determination in the midfield kept ManCity from getting forward more.

Three points is three points, but I worry that we can't make these kinds of errors against AC Milan, ManUnited, etc. We need to get back to top form...quickly.