Odds & Ends: Sophos and Expander; new Plextor updater; HomePage errors not all fixed?; more

Odds & Ends: Sophos and Expander; new Plextor updater; HomePage errors not all fixed?; more

Sophos and Expander glitch fixed Jeffrey Miller, who previously reported that StuffIt Expander's new feature to launch an anti-virus program didn't work with Sophos Anti-Virus, now finds that Sophos 3.43 can now be launched from within Expander 6.

Plextor firmware updater updated The Mac version of the Plextor CD-RW drive firmware updater (that we have previously referenced) is now up to version 1.5. C. Posey found that it now supports both SCSI and ATAPI drives (the status of FireWire drives is still not certain). The previous updater only worked with SCSI drives (see this item).

    Update: Mark Tuleweit writes: "The utility still does not work with FireWire drives. I tested it repeatedly and unsuccessfully with my QueFire 12x10x32 drive."

AirPort range in PowerBook G4s We doubt this is a universal solution, but Lazarus Long offers this alternative suggestion (see previous coverage) for those with lowered AirPort range in a PowerBook G4: "AirPort range can often be greatly improved by simply re-seating their AirPort card and making sure the antenna cable is making a snug connection."

HomePage errors: not all fixed? Regarding our previous report of HomePage errors fixed, Michael Nahrath found that this HomePage URL (which redirects to another page) still generated an error, but only when using iCab or Opera. Using Explorer or Netscape worked.

Getting printer selection to stick A reader writes: "For all those who have problems with HP, Epson, and other printers not "sticking" in the Chooser on reboot, Joseph Pierson, in an HP forum, submitted a tip that has really worked for me. At least for the HP, using the AT driver, when you select the printer, select your printer (e.g. DeskJet 870 C) then select SETUP, then RENAME and give it a new name (e.g., DeskJet 870 Cxi). For some reason this works and you don't have to go through chooser on each reboot."

AirPort 1.3 coming? We have an unconfirmed rumor that AirPort 1.3 is due out soon.

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