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O2 Xda IIi coming soon?

O2's latest PDA-phone, the Xda IIs, is available in the UK. Any word on the Australian availability?

We spoke with an O2 representative in Australia but unfortunately he could not confirm the launch date or price for the O2 Xda IIi at this stage.

We did however find out some specifications of the new PDA-phone. It is 10 grams lighter than its predecessor, the Xda IIs, and has a faster processor -- 520MHz compared to 400MHz.

Surprisingly, the Xda Iii is only tri-band capable, unlike the quad-band Xda IIs. However, O2 has bumped the resolution on the camera up to 1.3 megapixels (1280 x 960 pixels) and the battery life is rated at 170 hours on standby. It runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC (phone edition) and features Bluetooth, WLAN (802.11b), infrared, SD card slot, Internet browser, MPEG4 camcorder, MP3 player and photo caller ID.

In Australia, O2 currently offers the Xda II, Xda IIs, Xda mini and the Xphone.

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