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O2 3G network still down, 'central network' glitch to blame

O2's signal woes continue for a second day, with GiffGaff and Tesco customers also affected.

O2 customers' woes continue for a second day, with hundreds of thousands of people affected by an outage that sees phones unable to get signal -- though the operator does claim to have fixed issues with its 2G network.

The oxygenated operator told CNET UK that 3G services should be restored today, and recommends turning your phone on and off to try and get some signal. Some users have found turning 3G off helps their phone find a 2G signal.

The connection crisis was sparked by an issue with the 'central network system', which means the issue isn't confined to any particular region of the UK, and could affect any O2 customer at random, regardless of where you are.

O2 says that due to the nature of the glitch it has no way of knowing exactly how many customers' phones are unable to connect, but it's understood that hundreds of thousands of people have been left sans signal.

"We continue to manage the problem on our network that is affecting some of our customers," O2 says. On its service status page the network has given a number of updates about the problem.

O2 reckons the network was up and running for phone calls as of 8am this morning, while the 3G service is "starting to restore".

Customers who are on GiffGaff or Tesco Mobile, which also use O2's masts, will also be struggling.

We've been flooded with comments from irate O2 customers, who are understandably miffed by the outage. We'll continue to monitor the situation, so be sure to check back later today for more info.

For now, let me know whether you're affected in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.