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Numark NS7 is God's gift to DJs

CNET's Donald Bell offers his full review of the Numark NS7 digital DJ controller with Serato Itch software.

Over the years, thousands of DJs have made the transition from turntables to laptops, lured by the idea of carrying less equipment, and cramming huge music libraries onto their hard drives. Along the way, though, the physical act of DJing--cueing, scratching, beatmatching--became about as dull as pointing and clicking through a spreadsheet.

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To solve the problem, manufacturers and DJs have been struggling to find the perfect recipe for blending the advantages of digital audio with the feel and spirit of analog DJ gear. The results have been a Doctor Moreau-esque island of misfit hybrids, ranging from retrofitted analog turntables (a la Final Scratch), to flimsy plastic USB controllers with dodgy software. Nothing ever quite got it right. That is, until now.

After years reviewing digital DJ gear (and years more spent selling it) the Numark NS7 digital DJ system blew away my expectations of what laptop DJing could be. Of course, it also blew away my expectations on how much a DJ controller could cost ($1,300).

To find out why I'm so crazy for the Numark NS7, you can read my full report over at CNET Reviews.

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