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Nokia Point & Find: No point and no find

Point your camera phone at a movie poster and automatically get a trailer, reviews and local show times: that's the promise of Nokia's Point & Find application, which is now available to try in beta

Our parents always told us not to point, and especially not to point and yell, "Hey Mum, look at the freak!" But now Nokia will do it for us with its Point & Find application, shown this week at CTIA in Las Vegas.

Point your phone's camera at a movie poster or barcode and watch the info roll in. Nokia said that for movies, Point & Find will grab you the trailer, reviews and show times in your neighbourhood. For shopping, a shot of the barcode will spit out information, review and price comparisons.

In the UK, the Cartoon Network and the all-nude Body Worlds exhibit have gotten in on the action. Users should be able to point their camera phones at posters of The Powerpuff Girls and dudes with no skin to get show information direct to their mobiles.

According to Nokia, the app currently supports quite a few handsets, including some N-series, E-series and 6000-series phones.

We had no luck using Point & Find on our N95 or E51 -- we could manually search the database of films and products, but none of our attempts at pointing led to any results. But Nokia did stress that the app is an early beta, and not being 13-year-olds, we don't have a huge selection of film posters on our walls.

You can try your luck by grabbing Point & Shoot from Nokia's Web site. Enter your mobile number and they'll shoot you a text message with a link to the download.