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Nokia Lumia PureView mock shows WP 8, 41MP camera

Two mock-ups of a phone alleged to be the Nokia Lumia PureView Windows Phone shows off Nokia's sporty style.

Nokia Lumia PureView render
Phones that look like SCUBA gear? Dive in!

If the Nokia Lumia 900 is any indication, Nokia's resurgence as a mobile player will hinge on distinctive design.

Take, for instance, the mock-ups that recently surfaced on IT168. Allegedly shots of presentation slides, the phone in question, the Nokia Lumia PureView, combines the 41-megapixel camera (really an advanced 5-megapixel camera) and Carl Zeiss optics of the Nokia 808 PureView Symbian phone that Nokia showed off at MWC, with Windows Phone OS.

I don't know about you, but I rather like the aggressively contoured design, even if it does remind me of SCUBA gear and jogging on the boardwalk.

Nokia Lumia PureViewrender
A second mock-up of the Nokia Lumia PureView, allegedly from a presentation slide.

Too often, colorful devices have signaled a more youthful audience and toned-down specs. If these images prove correct, the Lumia PureView, as we'll call it, will also have the specs to appeal to premium phone-seekers, including a 4.3-inch HD display, 1080p HD video capture (the Lumia 900 stops at 720p HD,) and a quad-core processor.

Now, Windows Phone 7.5 doesn't support multicore chips, but Windows 8 will. Still, don't hold your breath -- a quad-core Windows Phone is a long way off, and the Lumia PureView, at least with this spec list, could wind up a pipe dream.

(Via The Verge, Androsym)