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Nokia Lumia 900 white and cyan models now available from AT&T

The white model is now back in stock though the cyan version faces a week's delay before it ships.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Consumers eyeing Nokia's Lumia 900 can now find the phone in all three of its colors at AT&T's online retail store.

The black and white models are in stock and available immediately, while the cyan model requires a wait of five to seven business days.

Both the white and cyan models were out of stock at AT&T just a couple of weeks ago, so Nokia seems to be revving up its supply to catch up with demand.

A Nokia representative told CNET last month that the company was striving to ramp up production of the white and cyan models.

The stock among other retailers also reflects Nokia's increased production, though the white model still seems to be playing hard to get.

AmazonWireless is offering the black and cyan models with an estimated ship time of 24 hours. Meanwhile, the white model is back-ordered with a wait time of eight to nine days.

Best Buy's Web site shows the black and cyan models shipping in two to five business days but doesn't list the white version at all.

The Lumia 900 has been struggling to find buyers in certain countries, such as the U.K. But it has seen strong demand in the United States where AT&T is the sole carrier. A Nokia rep said last month that consumer reaction to the 900 in the U.S. has been "positive across the channel -- including direct stores and national retail."