Nokia Lumia 900 gets its own pink nail polish

Nokia has unveiled its latest plan to nail the smart phone market: hot pink nail polish to match the new pink Nokia Lumia 900.

Nokia has unveiled its latest plan to nail the smart phone market: nail varnish. Hot pink nail polish, to be precise, that matches the new pink Nokia Lumia 900.

If you're currently staring at your half-chewed nails and thinking OMG, some Lumia lustre is just what I need, then head to Dallas, Denver or Los Angeles, where Nicki Minaj's nail stylist Kandi Banks is dishing out phone-themed manis and pedis.

If, on the other hand, you didn't understand a single word in that last paragraph, here's some background. After yet another dismal financial performance, Nokia really needs to shift some phones -- especially in the US, where the venerable Finnish phone-fanciers have a negligible share of the market.

Unfortunately Nokia is irrevocably tied to Microsoft, even when Microsoft's decisions harm the Nokia brand -- so it's time to unleash the gimmicks.

Nokia recently catastrophically cut the price of the Lumia 900, to encourage people to buy what has now been revealed as a lame duck of a phone. That's due to Microsoft's decision to cut off current Windows Phones when Windows Phone 8 arrives in November. Because Windows Phone 8 is entirely different software to the present version, apps made in future aren't guaranteed to work on today's Lumia or other current Windows Phone-powered mobiles.

Still, at least it'll match your nails.

I think matching your look to your phone is a fantastic idea -- after all, phones these days are as much about communicating our lifestyle as they are about communicating with other, right?

Android fans could paint their nails, lips and hair with Android green. Each version of the Android software could have its own signature colour -- but be careful with the Ice Cream Sandwich nail polish: no matter how long you wait, it takes forever to dry.

iPhone fans could go for pure white nails -- but only on your right hand, of course.

If painted nails aren't your thing, you could always show your allegiance to your favourite technology brand with a pair of tech trainers

What phone deserves its own nail varnish? And what fashion spin-offs would you like to see for your phone? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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