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Nokia Lumia 800 will go on sale SIM-free this year

Nokia denies reports that the SIM-free Lumia 800 has been delayed until 2012, saying it will go on sale as planned on 16 November.

Nokia is denying reports that the SIM-free Lumia 800 smart phone has been delayed until 2012, saying the Windows Phone-powered blower will be widely available on 16 November as promised.

Nokia confirmed to us that the UK would be getting a SIM-free slice of its upcoming smart phone in November and called the rumours "flattering".

"It proves that there are a lot of people out there who believe the Lumia 800 will be a major sales item and are now trying to get it onto their shelves," a spokesperson said.

"For the rollout of our first Lumia products, we have chosen to work with the UK operator and retail partners who shared our enthusiasm and commitment to bring these first products to market with a major focus on bringing alive the Nokia with Windows Phone experience for consumers."

So it looks as though the Lumia 800 will be available SIM-free in November, but only with some retailers. Clove, the online retailer who initally reported the delay, will be part of the "wider UK distribution network" that will get to flog the phone in early 2012.

Phones4u will be selling the Lumia 800 from 16 November SIM-free for £399.95, while Carphone Warehouse is flogging it for £469.95, also from 16 November, though at the time of writing the phone is listed as out of stock.

Is this good news for you? Were you devastated at the prospect of waiting until after Christmas to buy the Lumia 800 up front? Or would you rather spend the holidays curled up with an iPhone or Android mobile? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.