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Nokia Lumia 1020 comes into focus in leaked picture

A week before the Nokia Lumia 1020 comes into focus, a new leaked picture shows off the 41-megapixel camera phone.

With a week to go before the Nokia Lumia 1020 comes into focus, a new leaked picture shows what the 41-megapixel camera phone will look like on US network AT&T.

Nokia's hotly rumoured super-camera phone appears in what looks like an official snap, the leak once again coming courtesy of well-connected Twitter-based rumourmonger evleaks. Sadly, it only shows the front of the phone, looking much like every other Windows Phone. I'm interested to see what the other side looks like, with its expected large zoom.

Previously known by its internal codename, Lumia EOS, the camera-focused phone is the first Windows Phone outing for the ludicrously high-resolution camera first seen in last year's Nokia 808 PureView, which comically strapped the mindboggling camera to a decidedly old-school Symbian phone, with a huge bulge of a zoom on the back.

Nokia will unveil the Lumia 1020 at a big event in New York on 11 July. The invitation promises "41 million reasons" to get excited about the new phone, which will offer "Zoom. Reinvented". 

Camera phones are the new hotness, it seems: Samsung has just revealed the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a 16-megapixel snapper with a bulky 10x optical zoom -- also boasting a pocket-stretching bulge on the back. We'll pit the S4 Zoom and Lumia 1020 head-to-head as soon as we get our hands on them, to see which gives the best snaps.

Are you excited about the Lumia 1020? Will a phone finally replace your camera? Let me know down in the comments, or over on our snap-happy Facebook page.