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Nokia 808 PureView torn apart, all 41 megapixels on show

Nokia's super shooter has been submitted to the FCC for accreditation, with plenty of internal shots showing what's inside.

Nokia's 808 PureView has been submitted to The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US to check it's all above board. And while they were checking it's safe for sale, those FCC boys tore it apart and snapped a load of pics of its insides.

There's a ton of other info on the handset along with the snaps, including the manual. So, pretty much everything you could want to know about it then. Alas, links to these pages on the FCC website now appear inaccessible.

The 808 PureView is the mad 41-megapixel camera phone Nokia touted at Mobile World Congress. Yes, you read that right -- 41 megapixels. Though we'll have to wait for a full review to find out whether it's worth your dosh.

We went hands-on with the PureView back at the end of February. It packs a sensor the size of a postage stamp, compared to most mobiles that have one smaller than a fingernail. That's the trick to its insanely detailed pictures.

It's running Symbian, which is almost as much of a shock as the number of megapixels it has on board. There are rumours Nokia will launch a version running Windows 8, which would make more sense. Maybe it's testing the waters with this version. It certainly garnered a lot of headlines when it was announced -- mostly along the lines of "What the...?"

Snaps were crazily detailed in our hands-on, letting you zoom in to an incredible degree. The handset is expected to go on sale in the UK by the end of June. So far it's been pegged with a price tag of £540, but expect plenty of contract deals coming our way.

What do you think about the 808 PureView? Is it a bit excessive? Or do phones need to up their imaging game? Let me know below or on our Facebook page.

Updated 8 May 2012: Defunct links to FCC pages removed.