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No Australian launch plan for Samsung Galaxy S III

No news is bad news when other territories start getting time frames, and today Samsung tells Australians there are no plans yet for a local Galaxy S III release.

Overnight from London, Samsung Electronics took the wraps off the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III. The announcement included launch timing later this month for territories including the US, the UK and Asia, but it seems that right now, Australians will have to wait before getting their hands on the new smartphone via local carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S III (Credit: Samsung Electronics)

In a simple statement in response to our request for any local news, Samsung said:

Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our Galaxy range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time.

With a lot of build up to the London launch, it's hard to believe that Samsung's local team has been caught by surprise. So at this stage, it feels like there will definitely be a delay between international launches and the local arrival of the company's flagship smartphone.