Nike+ FuelBand sequel and Android app due, report says

Nike's next wrist-occupier will measure your heart rate and have a speedier display, rumours say.

Nike's next FuelBand will have a heart rate monitor alongside a number of other new features, wrist-centric rumours reckon.

Nike's follow up to its popular cuff-occupier will let you check on the pace at which blood is walloping around your insides by pinching a certain part of the gadget, Gearlive reports.

The site, which claims to have spent 'a few minutes' with the FuelBand follow-up on a business trip, also tips a refreshed display that lights up faster, slightly increasing the speed that fitness info enters your brain.

You'll also be able to check battery life, and the gadget is reckoned to feature Bluetooth 4.0 for automatic syncing and -- hopefully -- more use between charging sessions.

Perhaps most intriguingly, the report claims that a FuelBand Android app is in the works, despite Nike reportedly claiming a few weeks ago that it had no plans to develop software for Google's green robot.

Currently Nike's fitness tech is the exclusive preserve of the Apple crowd, but I'm sure there are plenty of Android fans who'd happily strap the FuelBand to their mitt and sync its exercise-tracking tech to their smart phone.

Nike is apparently testing the updated gadget in the wild, disguised to resemble the current model.We've no way of knowing whether these rumours are true so take all this with a pinch of salt, but it certainly sounds like there could be some intriguing new features on the horizon.

The sporty conglomerate recently revealed the first concept design for the FuelBand, which was planned to be covered in colour-changing smart panels.

Are you a FuelBand fan? Would you like to see an Android app built soon? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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