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New Rx: Cheap pocket-size inhalers

Aespironics has developed a cheap disposable dry-powder inhaler driven solely by breath power.

Aespironics inhaler

Inhalers may not just be for asthma sufferers anymore. If an Israeli start-up called Aespironics has its way, small, cheap inhalers could soon deliver all sorts of other medications, as well.

Aespironics has developed a novel disposable dry-powder inhaler that it says has the attributes of the highest-performing inhalers but only costs a fraction of the price. The patient's breath activates a tiny turbine inside the device that scrapes or brushes micronized particles into the airflow, quickly and evenly delivering the dose to the lungs without leaving particles sticking to the inside of the mouth.

Because the turbine is activated via breathing, expensive electrical additions found in other inhalers of the same class are unnecessary.

Testing on the credit card-size device is due to begin by the end of the year, with the product possibly hitting the market within three years, the company says. Applications could include migraine treatment and situations that call for emergency medicine.

Aespironics was founded more than a year ago with a $600,000 investment from Israeli venture capital firm Maayan Ventures, and matching funds from the Israeli Ministry of Science. The company plans to begin its next round of financing in a month.

(Via Israel21C)