New iPhone compared to iPhone 4S on video

A new video shows off the frame of the next generation Apple phone next to the current iPhone 4S.

Ready for the closest look yet at the shape of the iPhone to come? Then check out this video, which shows off the frame of the next generation Apple phone next to the current iPhone 4S.

The video shows the backplate of the purported new iPhone, which is not only taller than the current model, but features a number of changes. Press play below to see the two phones side-by-side, as compared by component supplier ETrade Supply:

The part in question is the aluminium unibody casing of the suspected new iPhone. It appears closer to the design of the original silver-backed iPhone with its black bands at the top and bottom rather than the current design, which features a metal band around the edge and a glass front and back. Doing away with the glass back should help it stand up better to cracking when dropped, a common problem with iPhones.

It's the same width as the 4S, just taller, so when you turn it sideways you'll get a more widescreen view of your games and movies. The screen measures 4 inches corner-to-corner, as previous leaks have suggested.

It's also thinner than the 4S, which has come to feel quite chunky compared to some of this year's superslim phones.

The round volume buttons, the hold switch, lock button and home button are all in the same places. But the headphone socket has moved to the bottom of the phone, alongside a much smaller gap for a dock connector that's smaller than the traditional connector found in previous iPhones and iPads.

Another big change which sees a component get smaller is the SIM-card slot. It's smaller than the current micro-SIM tray, suggesting the new iPhone will be the first to use the newly agreed nano-SIM card.

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