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New Asus Eee PC to be announced at CES 2008

Last year we were blown away by the Asus Eee PC, but can Asus score another fantastic tech goal with its new and improved Eee PC -- we hope so

If there's one product that had us jumping around like kids on a Wii last year, it was the Asus Eee PC. With a 7-inch screen, it's unbelievably tiny, at under £250 it's dirt cheap, and (unburdened by Windows) it works beautifully. But even though it really impressed us, some of us felt it needed more -- and Asus hasn't disappointed us.

This year at CES (the big technology show starting next week in Las Vegas) Asus is planning to launch the new and improved Eee PC. According to the Asus Web site and various tech blogs, the new Eee PC will feature WiMax and a larger 9-inch screen.

The WiMax bit isn't so exciting for people in the UK as there are hardly any WiMax networks in place just yet, but the larger screen definitely gets our juices flowing. No more scrolling sideways to view pages or having to squint at documents.

Of course more features mean a more expensive price tag, but it should still be absolutely bargainous. Keep an eye out on all our CES 2008 coverage for further details and hopefully a hands-on video. -Andrew Lim