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New 3D display may soon ship, sans glasses

PureDepth and Samsung will release a 46-inch Multi-Layer Display.


Minority Report's holographic images made 3D cool again, and still more impressive was 6th Day's highly interactive virtual girlfriend who could even unzip your pants. But until that day arrives, PureDepth's upcoming MLD (Multi-Layer Display) project looks like a start. Developed jointly with Samsung and rumored to launch soon, this joint effort will roll out a 46-inch MLD LCD display that consists of two or more layers of LCD panels sandwiched within a frame and sharing a common backlight. The result is images onscreen that have a 3D appearance. Better yet, there's no need to don any annoying 3D glasses.

At 46 inches, this claims to be the "world's largest" MLD LCD TV, which is enough to make us wonder what the sticker shock would be like. (We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this technology at CES 2008 in Las Vegas, though we couldn't get the best view because the crowd milling around the booth was forming its own 3D mass that we had to plow our way through.)

Still, anything that moves us out of static 2D zone is much welcomed, and if this project is goes mainstream, we may see more collaborations that will apply the technology to mobile phones, GPS units, and gaming gear. Now all that's needed is for Microsoft to hop in with its Surface tabletop computer, and we're halfway home to that interactive 3D babe/hunk.

(Source: Crave Asia)