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Netomat = photos, RSS, chat + mobile phones, PCs

Most people take photos on their cell phone cameras but don't know how to share them with others. A start-up called Netomat has solved that problem. The company launched a free service last month that allows people to receive RSS feeds and photos on their PCs or mobile phones as well as share them with others via PC or mobile phone and chat in real-time about them.

Users can create "hubs" or groups devoted to any topic and invite friends to chat in private or public groups. People can also publish content from their Netomat hub to a public blog or an RSS aggregation Web site like My Yahoo for something akin to mobile two-way blogging, says Netomat chief executive Alan Gershenfeld.

Just last week Netomat announced that the Netomat service has been optimized for photos posted on the popular Flickr Web site. Netomat subscribers can receive Flickr images resized for mobile phones, along with any associated text. On Monday, Netomat said it had received an undisclosed amount of financing from Motorola Ventures, the strategic venture capital arm of Motorola.