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Netflix and Sky launching combined TV package with one bill

No need to choose between "Game of Thrones" or "The Crown" -- soon you'll be able to get both on Sky Q with just one subscription.


Netflix is being bundled into Sky so you can watch both in one place while paying just one fee. 

A new subscription package from the European broadcaster combines both Sky and Netflix in one bill, making TV and movies from both services accessible on your Sky Q box so you can search and watch Netflix through the same interface you already use to watch telly.

With the new combined package, you no longer need to make the agonising choice between Netflix's catalogue of movies and TV like "The Crown" and "Stranger Things", or Sky's catalogue of new blockbusters and HBO shows like "Game of Thrones". Now you can have both -- although it remains to be seen if the combined subscription is a good deal, with pricing to be confirmed nearer launch.

This news is a blow for Amazon video, which has been making inroads into getting new movies before Sky and producing award-winning original shows to rival Netflix. 

If you already have a Netflix account you'll be able to continue using it as part of the Sky bundle. The bundle works on Sky Q boxes but not the Sky Q app -- you'll have to keep using the Netflix app on your phone. Sky+ and Sky Go customers would have to upgrade to Sky Q.

The combined package launches in the UK and Ireland some time this year. Netflix will launch on Sky Q platforms in Germany, Austria and Italy at a later date. 

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