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Narrative Clip wearable camera to ship November 1

The former Kickstarter project known as Memoto clips to your shirt and snaps photos throughout the day. Let the lifelogging begin!


About a year ago, Kickstarter project Memoto hoped to raise $50,000 toward the development of a small, wearable camera that would automatically snap photos throughout your day, the idea being to "lifelog" your experiences in searchable, shareable records.

The campaign raised $550,000.

Unfortunately, the estimated delivery period -- February 2013 -- came and went, and went, and went. But early backers are finally going to receive their cameras: the newly christened Narrative Clip (so named because of a conflict with the Memoto moniker) is scheduled to ship November 1.

The Narrative Clip is a 1-inch-square camera, available in three colors, that snaps and stores 5-megapixel photos at 30-second intervals -- but only when clipped to your person. It automatically detects when it's unclipped and stops recording.

The camera also relies on built-in GPS to geotag each photo, and will pair with Android and iOS apps to let you browse the collection. However, it has no controls to speak of, only a rechargeable battery that Narrative says will last for two days. During that same period, the camera can snap up to 4,000 photos -- more than enough to document even a full 12 hours per day of activity.

Narrative from Narrative on Vimeo.

When you connect the Narrative to your PC, it does a photo-dump to Narrative's subscription-based storage service (which is free the first year and $9 per month after that).

If you're interested but didn't back the Kickstarter project, you can preorder a Narrative Clip now for $279, with the same promise of delivery soon after Nov. 1.

Your thoughts? I'm not sure I'd use this on a daily basis, but I can see wearing it while on a vacation or strolling around a trade show like CES. On the other hand, I'm concerned that many photos would end up blurry owing to my near-constant movement. Hopefully a hands-on (shirt-on?) review will be forthcoming.