Mystery Motorola mobile leaks, but is it 'just right'?

A new Motorola mobile has leaked -- could it be the much-rumoured X Phone?


We've heard before that Motorola is working on handsets that are "just right" for consumers, which means smaller screens and pure Android. Well here's a glimpse of its first phone to put that into practice, courtesy of Internet tipsters @evleaks.

The mobile, codenamed the XFON -- suggesting it could possibly be the rumoured X Phone, though more on that later -- seems to sport a smaller screen than some of the more giganto-phones out at the moment. It's also encased bya rather thick bezel, which could be to help protect it from drops and spillages, as hinted by Google CEO Larry Page recently.

The phone appears to be displaying stock Android on screen, offering a more simplified user experience than phones skinned with extra software, like HTC's Sense 5, or the HTC First running Facebook Home.

A Motorola device known as X Phone is rumoured to debut Android Key Lime Pie -- could this be it? There's nothing to confirm that that's what we're looking at, though there's a chance this is a prototype, running earlier software than the final version. The X Phone is also said to have a 4.7-inch screen, and the one pictured here seems smaller than that, at least to my eye. There are no firm specs to go on, so we'll have to wait and see.

Motodesigner Jim Wicks said recently that instead of the current trend of "bigger is better", Motorola thinks "better is better". He said the company is working on handsets that are "just right", as well as offering pure Android instead of all the bloatware that comes preloaded on a lot of devices. So far, the Nexus 4 has been one of the few mobiles to offer pure Android.

A tweaked Nexus 4 is expected to launch at Google I/O on 15 May, with the Nexus 5 not touching down until the winter.

What would you like to see from Motorola's future phones? And how big a blower is just right? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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