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MySpace reverses course on Revver

Yesterday, I wrote saying that the giant social networking service MySpace was banning all references on its site to the video sharing service, Revver.

Well, there's no way to know if it's a coincidence, because MySpace did not return a request for comment yesterday, nor did it respond to another request today, but last night, nearly four hours after my blog went live, all the Revver references were reinstated.

If it was because of my blog entry, I'm happy to know that I'm serving the interest of openness and free expression. If it was entirely unrelated, then it's one heck of a happy coincidence.

Either way, the blogosphere and the MySpace community is likely to be happy that Revver can resume promoting itself on the popular News Corp.-owned social networking site. Whether the community wants it or not is another matter. But at least they should be able to choose for themselves.