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Mustached villain challenges Seattle's superhero

Some of you may not know about Seattle's superhero Phoenix Jones, but a fictional villain named Rex Velvet knows about the citizen vigilante and wants to do something about it.

The persona of Velvet seems like an amusing fusion of a 19th century American man with a sprinkle of personality from the Joker and Riddler. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Rex Velvet, a self-described "people's villain," emerged in a video that makes you think we live in an alternative universe where comic book-style villains take to the airwaves to taunt the protectors of a city. After a lengthy manifesto-style rant, Velvet challenges Phoenix Jones -- a real person who leads a group of citizens that wear superhero clothing and fight crime in Seattle -- to a showdown.

Velvet supposedly belongs to a group called the "Social Villains Alliance," and says that he wants to rid Seattle of the "silly gang of misfit Power Rangers disturbing the peace," says Velvet in his introduction video. "Now our city is protected not by the once respected police force, but by a tormented delusional freak in a mask."

Velvet may want to keep in mind that a confrontation with the masked crusader could result in some pepper spray to the face, as Jones uses it often. Of course, Velvet's Seattle Space Needle throwing weapon might work well if launched at an opportune time.

In reality, the proper villain viral video comes way of Rocket Launch Productions, a small business based in Seattle that creates custom promotional videos.

What do you think about the superhero and villain silliness spreading across Seattle?

(Via Seattle Pulp)