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Multiverse shakes off cobwebs, comes through with flying colors

PHOENIX--If you happened to follow the trials and tribulations of the Demo '06 preparation by The Multiverse Network here, you may find yourself wondering how things went in the end.

After all, on Monday afternoon, CEO Bill Turpin and marketing director Corey Bridges were fighting a series of technology and memorization problems as the hours ticked down to their 10:20 a.m. demonstration on Tuesday.

But when all was said and done, Tuprin and Bridges came through with flying colors and appeared to have no problem explaining their online game creation platform. Aside from one or two flubbed lines, Turpin seemed to know his stuff and Bridges was able to keep the demo running as planned on the tech side.

Not bad for a couple of guys who on Monday afternoon looked a little bit like they may not have realized they were expected onstage less than 24 hours later.