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MTV reorganizes for new media, world domination

MTV is splitting itself into two divisions, in what it calls a "creative" reorganization (so much better than those stodgy old-world reorgs, which are no fun at all).

One of the new divisions will be focused on short-form video, music and news programming that will be shown both on TV and across their growing number of other platforms, such as the broadband Web and mobile phones. The other division will focus on creating longer shows for television.

The change is sign that MTV has recognized their audience's relationship with the TV is changing rapidly. These days, the short-attention-span crowd is focused on IM, Yahoo's Launchcast, PlayStation and MySpace, after all.

A note of warning: In their press release, MTV entertainment President Brian Graden speaks of creating a "21st Century matrix" of "highly intertwined universes" that will let them "extend (their) world class content-development machine across all screens."

Which, fine, but am I the only one who's thinking Keanu Reeves, black sunglasses and kung fu here? Stay away from the red pills with the MTV logo, is my advice.